New AL-KO Enduro technology at Pretoria Caravans & Outdoor

Some innovations leave lasting impacts on industries, and the introduction of AL-KO Enduro technology into the South African market is one of them. The addition of independent suspension and shock absorption for each wheel signifies a game changing innovation for towing safety and stability of caravans and trailers in South Africa.

The AL-KO Enduro independent suspension has been “engineered for adventure”, according to one of the world’s largest manufacturers of caravan chassis and components. Specifically developed to increase safety and towing stability when traversing more challenging terrain commonly found in the South African environment, the AL-KO Enduro makes towing on our country’s roads and on corrugated gravel and dirt roads leading to holiday and camping destinations a breeze. After the success of the Enduro system in Australia – which shares similar conditions to South Africa in both terrain and the desire of its camping community to enjoy driving off the beaten track – Al-KO began to manufacture the Enduro System right here in South Africa.

Al-KO’s Enduro technology breaks the mould by separating each wheel’s suspension, allowing each wheel to interact with the terrain or road surface independently. This dramatically improves stability and safety when towing.

Each wheel is fitted with heavy duty shock absorbers and an independent coil spring connected to a trailing arm. This results in each wheel moving separately up and down when towing. Being a global enterprise, AL-KO have thrown their considerable testing capacity behind the Enduro system and boast an “Extreme Testing Program”, with a no compromise approach implemented by dedicated research and development facilities in order to meet stringent quality standards.

With it hitting the South African market, the AL-KO Enduro system is being installed into major caravan brands such as the new Sprite Tourer Enduro range and as a standard in the new range of Jurgens caravans.

Offering increased ground clearance, additional load capacity, and improved stability and handling across all types of terrain, caravans fitted with this superior technology is sure to quickly become not only desired but demanded by discerning South African caravan owners.

Hot off the factory floor, you can view and buy the brand new Sprite Tourer Enduro range and the just launched Jurgens Penta 138, both fitted with AL-KO Enduro Technology, at Pretoria Caravans & Outdoor.

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